Adobe DC versioning

Plugins testing for outdated versions of Adobe Acrobat/Reader DC use a different versioning scheme for reporting the installed version vs. the fixed version.

The proper way to denote versions for this software is (by way of example):


An alternative numbering scheme exists which prepends 20 to the version so that it reads:


Many plugins testing for Adobe software end up returning output like the following:

Installed version: 15.023.20070
Fixed version:     2018.011.20055

This is inconsistent and has been confusing to a few people. I would humbly suggest the fixed_version use the 2-digit major-version-number as the installed_version does, which is also what the software itself uses.

Is this something someone can look into or make a determination on?

Hi and thanks for your detailed report.

The information was forwarded to the team working on this topic for a review.

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As a follow-up all related VTs have been updated to consistently reporting a version like the following below:

Installed version: 15.023.20070
Fixed version:     18.011.20055 (2018.011.20055)

We have decided to use both numbering scheme as the one which prepends 20 is the one which is actually provided by Adobe to the end-user when downloading the software where the other scheme is used in the Changelog / release notes as well as by the NVD.

Those changes should be included in one of the next feed updates.

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