Additional Users authenticated by LDAP not seeing any reports or tasks

We’ve configured LDAP authentication for our GSA installation. The authentication seems to work fine but when the users go to see any tasks or reports it is empty. I’ve verified that the new users are members of the admin role and under hosts access it says “allow all and deny:(blank)” so I’m thinking they should be able to see all the tasks and reports available to the (local) admin account.

Did I miss a step in configuring the accounts or system?


there is no “auto share” of all objects from other users done to the admin user. You might want to have a look at the user roles/permissions:

and especially at the following two documents on how to achieve what you’re looking for:

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This is exactly what I was looking for to allow us to all share our tasks and reports. Created a group called Super Admins, gave it the Super role and added our LDAP users to the group. Now they can all see and work on the same tasks and reports. Thanks!