Adding Remote Scanner


I’m running GVM Version 20.08.1 on dockerized env.

Currently working with the local scanner and planning to add remote scanners on a different subnet.

I tried to run openvas on docker and link it as a scanner using GVM console with no luck.

I strongly believe that I’m missing some configurations:

  • Certificates
  • Credentials
  • Opening socket

I’d appreciate your help


You can check the following post: Master and slave architecture

It was originally for GVM 11, but that’s the main steps for GVM 20.08/21.4. You can also disregard the issues mentioned at the end of the thread, they have been fixed in GVM 20+

Good luck.

Thanks @tatooin,

Do you know if there’s similar guidelines for the Docker version of OpenVas?
I tried to create these certificate there but missing the cert cli tool.


I found a few resources in case someone wants to try:

I’m still trying on making it work and report back once I’ll have more information.


I managed to set an external scanner by following this guide: