Adding Custom Vulnerability Lists to Greenbone

Hello, I’m interested in adding my own vulnerability lists to Greenbone. Is it possible to achieve this by writing a NASL script and creating a custom NVT? Additionally, I’d like to know if there’s any way to customize existing NVTs within Greenbone. Please I need your help asap

You can make your own vulnerability list by creating a custom scan config. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create a new scan config

  2. Set your desired NVTs

  3. Use your created scan config for your scan

I think you are only able to make your own NVTs. Just follow this guide.


Thank you for your time and answering! My idea is I have another list of vulnerabilities that they don’t exist originally in Greenbone i wanted to know if i can add them and use them to scan my targets via Greenbone I wanted to know if it’s possible by creating my own VT and integrate them by writing my own nasl script in the plugins directory where all openvas’s .nasl files are.

I haven’t done this myself yet, so unfortunately I can’t really go in-depth on custom VTs and how to add them to your existing setup :confused:

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It’s okay thank you so much I appreciate it!


You need to disable the signature check of the NVTs, due to the fact that you can´t sign your scripts, or add your own keys.

Details can be found here:

Please pick a namespace that does not collide with the community feed, or you will get into trouble.
That that was it, please check the other posts about custom tests here in the forum.

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Thank you so much!