Add results to Assets with CVE task not possible?


When setting the option “Add results to Assets” to “Yes”, it doenst stick with a CVE job. Is this by design or a bug?

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AFAIK by design because the CVE scanner is just working on existing assets discovered by previous “full” scans without doing an own discovering of products (which would be required for the asset database to be filled).

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Hm, yeah you are right. I was misreading this. I tough it would add the CVE scan result to the particular host. Duh :slight_smile:


Well, now I come accross the same situation why I created this post in the first place. When you run a CVE scan, the result of it is not added to the Hosts. When zoming into a host, the CVE scan result is not applied to the Host. It this by design and why?