Accessing Web GUI from external IP

Hi All, I’ve installed the OpenVAS community version on my Kali box. I would like to access the Web interface from an external device. I have found a couple of useful guides online but I am stuck at this point. I have manage to get access to the website from a different device but I am getting the following error message in the browser:

“The request contained an unknown or invalid Host header. If you are trying to access GSA via its hostname or a proxy, make sure GSA is set up to allow it.”

Thanks in advance

Moving into the correct GSE category and closing as a duplicate of the following thread below which can be found quite easily (including some additional threads) when using the search function of this forum:"The%20request%20contained%20an%20unknown%20or%20invalid%20Host%20header."

Please use this existing topic if you have further questions on this topic.