About the Implementation Process of NVT Management

I have a question.why can NVT be updated on web pages? It seems that GVMD does not have the ability to control scripts. Why does GVMD need to restart?


Can you please clearly explain your question. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I understand your meaning. You can edit the .inc and .nasl NVT file content directly with a text editor by searching for the file using the OID.

I’m sorry I didn’t describe it clearly. Simply put, the browser has a function to update NVT. I would like to know how GVM components work together to complete this function

Hi thanks for more information. Unfortunately, I’m still a bit unsure. You said:

But that function does not currently exist, although it is a good suggestion for a feature. The NVTs are added from the greenbone-feed-sync scripts. It is not currently available as a push button feature in the web interface.

Maybe I’m missing something. Can you please clarify?

This feature did exist in the distant past, around ~2015 if I recall correctly. If you still see this feature you are either using a very outdated version of our products or some unofficial fork.

What you can do is display the current status of the feed via the web interface, see 8 Getting to Know the Web Interface — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.18 documentation.

For information on how VTs are processed in the backend you can find an overview of the architecture here: Background - Greenbone Community Documentation.