A problem met when using gvm-cli in kali

Hi, I follow the official manual to learn to use gvm-cli, but some problems occured as follows.

It show me error information like gvm.errors.GvmError:Remote closed the connection. I’m little confused. The ssh service is running.

What does the error information mean? How can I deal with it ?


our docs only fit for our GSM products in this case. The SSH connection needs some special setup which is not available on Kali.

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Sorry, I couldn’t understand what you mean. I have successfully start ssh service on kali. As you have said, can I use gvm-cli tool on kali? or do I have to use some kinds of sepcial connection type(like tls, socket)?

Of course you can use gvm-tools on Kali Linux. The unix domain socket connection will always work. But you have to adjust the setup to be able to use TLS or SSH connections. Running the SSH server isn’t enough.


Could you please tell me how to adjust the setup to be able to use TLS or SSH connections? Because the official manual only shows how to adjust the setup on GOS which Greenbone offers as the official mirror. I haven’t found any guidance to adjust setup for Kali. Thanks!