4.2.20 not bootable?

I’m trying to follow the instructions here to load up a VM: https://www.greenbone.net/en/install_use_gce/

The ISO isn’t even booting. I thought I may have had a bad download but checked the sha256sum against my download and it checks out.

Any ideas? Known issue? Am I missing something?

Please check your boot order setting within your hypervisor.
Are other Operating-Systems booting within your virtual machine ?

It was set to boot local hard drive first then CD. Local didn’t have an OS so it failed over to CD, which also said unsuccessful.

Just to be certain I changed the boot order to CD first and it still says booting via 4.2.20 CD was unsuccessful. That was a good suggestion to try another OS to boot and it was able to sucessfully boot Redhat and Ubuntu ISO’s. So I know my configurations are correct. It is not booting the 4.2.20 ISO.

Wow. Looks like I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter. Says “Other Linux (64Bit)” I Chose “Other Linux 4.x Kernel (64Bit)” Once I changed it to the correct Linux version the same iso is booting. Thanks for your help.