0 scanned hosts

I am continuing to have the same issue with a host. I also changed the Alive test to “consider alive”, but after the most recent scan there are still 0 scanned hosts. What would be the next step to troubleshoot this?

If you have checked that your host replies to ping requests, next thing I would check is if there is some sort of firewall or IPS that prevents OpenVAS from reaching the host.

Just found out that I cannot ping the host, nmap also says the host is down. Would firewall configuration be an issue still?

Absolutely, firewalls and any other kind of protective measures that may drop network traffic can be an issue.

Got it, will see what I can find and report back. Thank you for being responsive

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Are there any rules that I should specifically be looking for? Newer to this kind of thing so just curious.

Sorry for the late reply, I must’ve overlooked the notification email.

Since ICMP pings are used as the default alive test per the documentation, you should look out for DROP/DENY or REJECT policies that target the ICMP protocol.

I recommend playing around with nmap to find out if the host is just plain unreachable from your network (segment) or if it’s truly a firewall issue.

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