What's the naming rule of NASL?

Hi guys,
I can see the logs when .nasl files are synchronized from feed server. I can see the nvts using the GSA web pages also after rebuilding nvts. My questions: how to map the NVT from the web pages to the nasl files in feed server? Do we have any naming standard for NVTS? e.g. gb_CESA-2017_1095_bind_centos7.nasl has the oid with, but How to know the file name with the oid

There is no relationship for most VTs (expect maybe a few newer ones using the Extending OID scheme) between the OID and the file name.

To know the file name with the oid you probably have a few options:

Thanks @cfi , I’m using the first option.

grep -r "" /var/lib/openvas/plugins
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