Vulnerability reports only showing OIDs - command line to show database update status?

How many days does it take for the internal database to update? Whenever I run scans, I only see vulnerability IDs instead of text? This is happening on two separate installations. Perhaps a way to view the database status?


Please take a look at the following thread

and Jans answer

Thanks, I read that thread as well, but I figured since it happened on two installations that it must be something else. How many days (weeks?) does it typically take for the internal database to update? I’ve run a few scans already in the past couple of days.
Any ideas on how to update config file to scan more hosts or to rescan one vulnerability?


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Help would be appreciated. I see there is an update out, shall I try to update my installations and see if the OIDs convert to text? Thanks.

I’ve run multiple new scans, but they still only show OIDs. Any experts on this forum that can answer how to monitor status of the database update and how long I should expect it to take? Thanks.

The missing data problem still exists days later. Any ideas on how to get this issue resolved?


have you updated the feed as suggested above? See the following topic / post on how to update the feed and how to check your logfiles:

Well, good news! I checked the reports today, and they are all populated! I guess I just needed to be patient. Thanks!

I’m seeing the same exact issue on a few-hours old Virtual Appliance installation. Is there a rough estimate people are seeing their machine to be up before the OIDs change into more meaningful information? (This would be a great topic sticky!)

I do have a security database present and when looking at the log when updating via journlctl -f all looks to be good. There is this entry:

gsad[main] PID: MHD: Error: received handshake message out of context

This could be also related to the following:

You also might want to give the newly released Greenbone Community Edition 5.0.6 released a try (Now with GVM-10 instead of GVM-9 as used on GOS 4.3).

AFAIK there has been a lot of work done related on the feed update topic in this new major release.