Vulnerability names display as OID's only


fresh install of gsm-ce-4.2.20 from the ISO, setup as a VM under ESXi.

once i complete the scan of a host and check the results, the “Vulnerability” column only displays the OID’s and not the name. similarly if I create a PDF report of this scan, every item is listed as an OID and not a meaningful name.



if i drill down on the first item i can see the full name

Result: SSL/TLS: Report Vulnerable Cipher Suites for HTTPS

but in the PDF reports all i get is the OID with no description name.

i’ve used OpenVAS7 and OpenVAS8 in the past and the names have always displayed.

any idea what’s gone wrong here? is there a setting somewhere that i need to enable/change?

cheers, wizdude.

I saw this happen when you start the first scan while the internal database build is still running.

The next scan should show names instead of OIDs. And also the proper QoD.