Use GVM 20.08 scan result is 0 ?Step or setting wrong?

According to various tutorials on the Internet, GVM is finally installed

But when the scan was started, there were no weaknesses, and the scan was fast

Also try to adjust various parameters as follows

Scan Config: “Full and fast”, “Base”, “Discovery”, “Host Discovery”, “Systen Discovery”.

Port List: “All IANA assigned TCP”, “All IANA assigned TCP and UDP”, “All TCP and Nmap top 100 UDP”.

But the results are the same, I don’t know why?

There is almost no need to adjust the network tutorials, they should all be “Full and fast” and “ALL IANA assigned TCP”

How can I adjust? Or am I missing any steps?

※English is not good, the translation comes from Miss Google

GVM versions

**gsad: 20.08.0

**gvmd: 20.08.0

**openvas-scanner: 20.08.0

**gvm-libs: 20.08.0


**Operating system: CentOS 8.2.2004

**Kernel: 4.18.0-193.28.1.el8_2.x86_64

**Installation method / source: DIY / Internet

Could be related to:

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What kind of target are you trying to scan (Windows, Linux etc.)? Do you have firewalls in place (local or network)? Do you have proper permissions to scan the targets? For Windows Clients in a domain, you need a domain admin account, for Linux I recommend using a local root account.

I wrote a short article (German language only), how to scan the first time. What should you know before you start?

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