Trying to work with OpenVAS and get Status code: 503 error

I’m new with OpenVAS, will be happy for any help here.
I got an OpenVAS server that running for few months, but now I get the error:

Operation: Start Task
Status code: 503
Status message: Service temporarily down

I searched the web and saw there is an option to remake the certificates (for server and client), update the scanner and rebuild the database.
bit I get internal error when I try the command:

openvasmd --modify-scanner “08b69003-5fc2-4037-a479-93b440211c73” --scanner-ca-pub /var/lib/openvas/CA/cacert.pem --scanner-key-pub /var/lib/openvas/CA/clientcert.pem --scanner-key-priv /var/lib/openvas/private/CA/clientkey.pem

and when I try to run the rebuild I get error:
rebuilding NVT cache… failed

Thanks in advance.

Hello RAD,

Have you check openvassd is running ?
Do you have some logs (/var/log/openvas/) ?

Yes it’s running.
I see the follow logs when checking the openvasmd.log

This is most likely caused by some outdated SSL/TLS certificates for the communication between Scanner (openvassd) and Manager (openvasmd).

It seems you’re running a quite outdated and end-of-life version of the Manager (See GVM-9 (stable, initial release 2017-03-07) for the current and supported versions).

For now i would suggest that you upgrade to the recent GVM-9 release. In this release the communication between the openvassd and openvasmd is done via file/unix sockets where you don’t need to care about SSL/TLS certificates anymore.

Thanks you for your answer.
I’m not sure how to do that, as I wrote before I’m new with OpenVAS.
I checked the kink you sent me not sure waht should I do with the new libraries, and how do I upgrade it?

I forgot to mention it before, I;m using it as a VM, so if upgrade means install from scrach no problem. If yes, is there a link that I can get for an iso/OVA file?

You could use the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) which is a ready to use and up to date virtual machine.

It works!!!

Thank you very much for your help :grinning:

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