Time and date stamp missing

Not sure if this is the place to post about the GCE that comes with Kali (can’t imagine it would be hard to includ Kali in a community description as it’s probably the way most people get it)

My issue is in the last month or so I’ve noticed that scan result reports and the date and time field on the dashboard are blank. System time is correct and accessible via normal date/time queries of other apps.

Kali doesn’t use the “Greenbone Community Edition (GCE)” Virtual Machine. They are “packaging” the “Greenbone Source Edition (GSE)” so moving into the correct category.

Please not that Kali is unfortunately shipping outdated versions of the GSE components already end-of-life and unsupported since longer time. It is very likely that your issue might be already fixed in a newer and supported version, see the following topic on the current and supported versions which could be build from source:

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