SNMP Login Failed For Authenticated Check

When I use snmp v1/v2c,
error:SNMP Login Failed For Authenticated Check
i hope you can help me

Did you set up the scan configuration correctly including the SNMP UDP ports within your port list ?
This is a very common error when it comes to SNMP checks.



As mentioned in the docs:

10.13.3. NVT not Used

This happens especially very often if UDP based NVTs like NVTs using the SNMP protocol are used. If the default configuration Full and fast is used, the SNMP NVTs are included. But if the target is configured using the default port list, the NVTs are not executed. This happens because the default port list does not include any UDP ports. Therefore, the port 161/udp (SNMP) is not discovered and excluded from further scans. Both the discovery scans and the recommended scan configuration Full and fast optimize the scan based on the discovered services. If the UDP port is not discovered, no SNMP NVTs are executed.

Do not enable all ports per default in the port lists. This will prolong the scans considerably. Best practice is the tuning of the port lists to the ports which are used in the environment and are supported by the firewalls.

Assuming I am working with the API and I have already created the SNMP credential in the GVM, I suppose the next step would be to create the target, setting the SNMP port_list, as @Lukas mentioned:

Am I right?

Thank you for your answers.

I just found this thread:

where @Lukas gives this answer:

Many user forget to include the UDP ports into the portlist of the target, so if the SNMP ports are not part of the list, they won´t be processed.

Which I presume matches my situation.