Sharing tasks and reports with other users

Hi jstevensog.
A) to be able to share, the new account needs the “global permissions” to use the object. If the second user also has the role Admin, this is covered.
B) to use a specific object of user A user B needs the specific permission to do this object. This can be given manually by user A as follows:

  1. Open the detailed view of the object (in this example a task) via
    Web-GUI > Scans > Tasks > Name of the task > Magnifier
  2. Change to the tab “Permissions”
  3. Click on the “new permissions” icon
  4. You can choose to create read-only or “write” (execute) permissions, just for that object or with connected objects, necessary for execution.

Now if you want to do this with every object a user has, this is a lot of work. For this reason, we created “Special Groups”. Every Member of this groups automatically shares all objects with all other members.
To create such a group, create a new one via
Web-GUI > Configurations > Groups > New
And make sure to choose [x] special

I hope this helped.