Scan results only logging

I am running subnet scans and getting no vulnerability reports on a scanner. Seems to log only.

GVM versions

Greenbone Security Assistant 21.04.0
OS Cent - CentOS Stream 8
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 21.4.0
openvas --version
OpenVAS 21.4.0
gvm-libs 21.4.0

Feeds all seem ok and up to date

Scan seems to show no severity afterwards. Report shows it found hosts but no vulns show again only log

You might miss a (working) nmap installation (check the output of the “Check for enabled / working Port scanner plugin” result).

Thanks for reply. How do I do this please?

Unfortunately i can’t offer the time / effort to explain such things in detail but you will find the related information how to read reports and results in the following documentation:

Strange thing is I created 2 scanners in the exact same way. one is fine and this one is not. Ill have a read and see thanks. Wads hoping for a resolution. I posted as had read a few articles on this and still not sure.

This is the text from the related VT which could already give some hints / could help:

The script reports if:

  • a custom scan configuration is in use without having a Port scanner from
    the ‘Port scanners’ family enabled.

  • a port scanner plugin was running into a timeout.

  • a required port scanner (e.g. nmap) is not installed.

Based on the script output please:

  • add a Port scanner plugin from the ‘Port scanners’ family to this scan
    configuration. Recommended: Nmap (NASL wrapper).

  • either choose a port range for this target containing less ports or raise
    the ‘scanner_plugins_timeout’ scanner preference to a higher timeout.

  • install the ‘nmap’ binary/package or make it accessible to the scanner.