Scan failed - Interrupted at 1%

GVM versions



**Operating system:CentOS7

Dear community,

I’m currently facing an issue when I’m trying to perform a scan on OpenVAS.
The scan is interrupted at 1% and found the error log is “Interrupting scan because GVM is exiting”.
It can run and complete normally last year. However it is failed scan since last month.
Do you have any ideas about this problem please ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, first of all welcome to our community. You are using very outdated versions of our components. Therefore your issue is likely already fixed in the current 21.04 release.

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Hi bricks, thanks for your prompt reply. We are going to create a new VM and install the latest version. We will migrate our scripts to the new VM. May I know is it possible? Thanks

Sorry but I can’t answer that question without knowing which VM and scripts you mean. Nevertheless just try it out.

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