Problems with updating NVT's in community container edition

I have a trouble with updating feeds in community container edition. All feeds updates properly, except NVTs. How can i solve that problem? I do everything according to the instructions.

I’m experiencing the same issue.

If you take a look at the docker hub you will see, that the image in question hasn’t been updated in the last nine days - so your setup is probably working fine.

Hi n00b,

your problem seems more related to the following topic and has already been answered:


Hi David.N
Seems your are right. Merci for the link.

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Have the same issue. Rsync is open, pulled all the images from new.
Thins NVT image is strong behind.


currently in this thread two things are mixed up

  1. Downloading the feed via rsync from
  2. Download/Pulling the feed via container images from dockerhub

The first should work as expected and if not you need to check your network and firewall setting.

It seems that some change in our feed deployment pipeline did break the container image upload to dockerhub unnoticed. We are on it now and a fix will be implemented as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know!


Great, thank you!

Today’s feed deployment updated the community container images related to the feed. Therefore this should be fixed now.


I can confirm this - thanks for the fix!

2023-05-17T14:32:14.454583726Z OSPD[7] 2023-05-17 14:32:14,454: INFO: (ospd_openvas.daemon) Finished loading VTs. The VT cache has been updated from version 202305031011 to 202305171013.
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Thanks, seen it’s fixed!

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