OpenVAS/GVM not detecting missing Windows patches

Newbie OpenVAS user here…

  • OpenVAS installed on Kali Linux. Feeds are fully up-to-date and openvas-check-setup suggests everything working OK
  • Target host is a standalone (i.e. not domain-joined) Windows laptop which hasn’t been updated for months. Connectivity between these hosts is fine.
  • Local administrator on the target host account enabled and password set.
  • Running a credentialed Nessus scan of the laptop from my iMac finds dozens of missing patches as expected.
  • OpenVAS full & fast credentialed scan from Kali finds only three minor issues. No missing patches detected at all. Just to check, I installed OpenVAS on the iMac as well and the same result was obtained.
  • Remote registry service on the laptop is running and registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system\LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy has been set and laptop rebooted.

Any clues to what I’m missing here?


Hi, when choosing the category for a topic please try to have a look at the category description for each category first:

The current used category is/was (Description: About the Community Edition (GCE) category) which is about the downloadable ready-to use virtual machine.

Based on your posted issue you have an own installation either build from source or installed via the 3rdparty Kali repositories. For such installations the (Description: About the Source Edition (GSE) category) needs to be chosen.

I have moved the topic to the correct category for now. It could be possible that the info above is made more prominent / easier to find in the future.

To solve your initial issue you might want to give the following hints (and the other threads linked within it) a try:

Figured this out. Admin account on the target Windows host has to be an account other than the actual local administrator.

Created a new account, added to the local admin group and used this for the credentialed scan. All missing patches identified!

Can you please tell me the actual procedure or any related document for configuring openVAS for detecting missing Windows patches in a windows target machine ?

and what procedure is to be followed to run openVAS for Windows IIS server ?

The relevant documentation can be found at

Could you please elaborate what you mean with “openVAS for Windows IIS server”?

Didn’t work for me. Remote registry running on a target Windows Server 2012R. A full and fast scan gets only enumeration of the ports. Using a local user other than the built in Administrator but with the same account type, Administrators.