LDAP per-User Authentication issues

I am configuring LDAP per-User Authentication in GVM-10 the same way as I did in GVM-9 but am receiving the following error when trying to save the configuration:

Hi everyone,

I am using:
LDAP Host: “FQDN”:636
Auth. DN: %s@“mydomain”
and a valid CA certificate

Has anyone been able to get that running on GVM-10 and can give a hint?

Thank you

Because with GVM 10 the web page (GSA 8) is a so-called single page application it is communicating asynchronously with the web server gsad. So please take a look at the network tab at your brower dev tools if gsad is still responding. Otherwise gsad isn’t running anymore.

Thank you,
that was it … gsad was not running anymore somehow.

Is there any change on how to allow LDAP authentication to users? The LDAP authentication option I know from GVM-9 is still missing:


Thank you

The issue has been solved following the below: