LDAP Authentication not enable

Hi !
The setting does not turn on. I specify the parameters, set the check box, and apply settings. But feature not enable - “Enabled” set to “No”. In log files no error.

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GVM versions

gsa: 9.0
gvm: 9.0.0
openvas-scanner: 7.0.0
gvm-libs: 11.0.0


Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Kernel: 5.0.0-37-generic
Installation method / source: PPA mrazavi

Hi dvz,

I had the same problem a few days ago.
Don’t use v9.0.0. use branch 9.0 instead . It has been updated since 9.0.0 release (check the issues tab in github: https://github.com/greenbone/gsa/pull/1723). It should work fine.

@warschauer hi! Thanks, this is what i need.

Closing as a duplicate of Enable LDAP in GSA 9.0.0. Pleae follow up there if you have further questions around this topic.