(Kali) Can't create GVM user, throws an error "Failed to create user: Invalid characters in user name"

Some additional recent info (IIUC so no guarantee for correctness/completeness):

  • GLib seems to have recently switched from PCRE to PCRE2 (in GLib version 2.73.2/2.73.3, see replace pcre1 with pcre2 (!2529) · Merge requests · GNOME / GLib · GitLab)
  • At least one previously PCRE compatible regex used in gvmd (for the user name validation functionality) is now not compatible with the newly introduced PCRE2 functionality
  • For the Greenbone Community Edition currently only the latest Debian stable version (currently: 11) is AFAIK supported which doesn’t ship this newer GLib version and thus seems to be not affected

What i have seen so far is:

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