Issue with scanning?

I was wondering if someone else has had this issue before, currently installed OpenVAS on Kali linux the 2020. Installed with no issue, but the problem is that i try to scan a network it does not show anything which is odd because i nmap it shows few devices
i also tried

openvasmd --rebuild

Thank you

I had this same issue, everything is working but it would never scan. I scrapped Kali and went with Ubuntu and openvas9 and it worked right out of the box. was the walk through I used. The only thing I did was on the initial ‘sync’ i added --rsync because people have been having issues with http saying not a bzip2 file


I have to mention it again. Kali only provides and outdated and unsupported version of our software. It is very likely your issue is already fixed in a newer version. Please take a look at About the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) category for more information about our releases.


Thank you will take a look at it better