Investigate failed nasl tests


I get in my report a High port vulnerability: 443/tcp HTTP 1.0 header overflow.
I am trying to manually reproduce this for the dev side to have a look. The problem is that the web server is not crashing when I manually run the nasl. Maybe I do something worng when running hth test? Or does OpenVAS do anything else that only running the depedencies and the test itself?
I run the test like this:
openvas-nasl -X -B -d -T log.txt -i /usr/local/var/lib/openvas/plugins/ -t find_service.nasl httpver.nasl global_settings.nasl www_too_long_header10.nasl --kb=“Ports/tcp/443=1”

The openvas-nasl call looks valid / good.

It might be possible that the HTTP service was overloaded during the “full” scan of GVM causing a trigger of this message.

There is currently no reliable way to detect such situations, that’s also the reason why writing such active Denial of Service VTs was stopped many years ago.

The following post has some more info around this topic:

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