Installing OpenVAS Offline


I’m looking for packages that I can download and transfer on a VM that has no internet connection and is in a private network. Are there ways we can install OpenVAS offline?

Thanks for the help

You can install GVM from the source, sync the community feed and then packet the whole system and transfer it to your offline site. Updates might be a bit tricky with an total offline solution.

Greenbone does offer a “AirGap” Feature for exactly this but that needs at least two hardware appliances.

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Okay, thanks for that that is quite a long process. How about GVM 9 rpm’s?

There are no RPMs available from us, and the 3rd party uncoordinated integrations are NOT supported here. You need either build it from the source and be on your own, or buy a appliance :wink:


Okay, thank you for the info :smiley:

I have tried installing through source code but I can’t get through it yet, I am missing these packages, I believe they are related to gvm but I can’t find it,

libgvm_base, libgvm_util >= 1.0.0

Do you know how I can install these packages?
Thank you

Those libraries are build from gvm-libs repo. Please take a look at

for the correct versions of our software components to build GVM 10.

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