Install GVM 21.4.2 Ubuntu 20.04

Thank you, Sedi.

I tried that too with no luck. When I changed the conf file, the service just doesn’t start

systemuser@ubu204-template:~$ sudo systemctl status gsad.service
● gsad.service - Greenbone Security Assistant daemon (gsad)
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/gsad.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: activating (start) since Fri 2022-04-29 15:39:52 UTC; 1min 6s ago
Docs: man:gsad(8)
Process: 1985 ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/gsad --drop-privileges=gvm (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
Tasks: 0 (limit: 1065)
Memory: 368.0K
CGroup: /system.slice/gsad.service

Apr 29 15:39:52 ubu204-template systemd[1]: gsad.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1.
Apr 29 15:39:52 ubu204-template systemd[1]: Stopped Greenbone Security Assistant daemon (gsad).
Apr 29 15:39:52 ubu204-template systemd[1]: Starting Greenbone Security Assistant daemon (gsad)…
Apr 29 15:39:52 ubu204-template gsad[1985]: Oops, secure memory pool already initialized

@all I would suggest to continue with the discussion on how to make gsad to listen on 80 and/or 443 in this specific topic for easier tracking of questions / answers and their solution:

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Made a smaller update to GVM (revision 8) with fixes and bug reports from readers. Your feedback is always more than welcome and thanks everyone who provides reports of any kind.

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@libellux well. installation of yarn manually is not really required? just install yarnpkg from apt repos?


@libellux nginx proxy with ssl or with letsencrypt is very simple.

@cfi my ansible repository contains files to install openvas with nginx-ssl or with lets encrypt-ssl.

and UBuntu specific modifications are under branch ubuntu-testing


Hi @libellux,
I followed your instructions for 21.4.4 and 21.4.5 and both fail. I can’t run any scan. I added a note to your github repo. I hope you can help. Thanks

@juanmachado please always give error messages and details. so others can help you too…


Added a test file for 22.4.0. I haven’t had time to test it myself but any feedback is welcome before I update my documentation. File is found at:

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I’ve added a new test file for GVM 22.4.0 on Ubuntu 22.04. However the issue i encounter so far is that ospd-openvas, notus-scanner etc ends up under /usr/local/local/bin instead of intended folders. I’m on vacation at the moment and do not have too much time to sit troubleshoot but if anyone can test and give feed back would be more than welcome! :slight_smile:

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So I’ve finally did install GVM 22.4.0 on Ubuntu 22.04. There’s a few changes you’ll need to make and some of my solutions might not be the best. However, will do some tests, such as scans etc., and then later update my website.

@bricks I will of course post the changes I had to make here as well to maybe enhance the installation process for e.g. Ubuntu users.

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I updated the website but also the “script” for you to be able to test yourselves easier:

The changes I’ve had to make was:

  • Dependencies update
  • Add Dparameters for cmake for both GVMD and pg-gvm: DPostgreSQL_TYPE_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/postgresql
  • Install ospd-openvas and notus-scanner as sudo
  • Also had to define the --prefix path as /usr (for ospd-openvas, notus and gvm-tools)
  • Manually install tomli module (required for notus-scanner): sudo python3 -m pip install tomli
  • Ubuntu 22.04 is using sudo systemctl start postgresql@14-main.service rather than @13-main.service

Hope you’ll enjoy the content and any future feedback is more than welcome.


Not sure what’s happening on Ubuntu here. On Debian Bullseye pip installs the package correctly without having to install it manually.

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Added support on how-to install 22.4.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 as well:


@libellux Thanks so much for these guides, they are sincerely appreciated!

I’m trying to follow your guide to install 21.4.5 on Ubuntu 20.04. The machine had 20.80 running without issue, but as it’s EOL, it’s time to upgrade! Everything was moving smoothly until we got to Lns 77-87, where the foolowing error always occurs:

– Checking for module ‘libgvm_base>=21.4.1’
– No package ‘libgvm_base’ found
CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.16/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:463 (message):
A required package was not found
Call Stack (most recent call first):
/usr/share/cmake-3.16/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:643 (_pkg_check_modules_internal)
src/CMakeLists.txt:29 (pkg_check_modules)
– Configuring incomplete, errors occured!

Would you or @bricks be so kind as to advise how to resolve this? Thanks in advance!

@Renevant please use debian bullseye.


This thread might help you @Renevant: No Package 'libgvm_base' found

I can’t recall I had that issue when I did run through my tests, but sure I can test once again later tonight.

Best regards,


I think this topic can be closed. As I announced on my website (Greenbone Vulnerability Manager | Libellux) I will no longer write guides on how-to install GVM from source (well i might update it if out of my own interest :smiley: ) but switching focus to creating .deb packages.

Thanks everyone for the support, feedback and bug reports during all this time! :slight_smile:

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And thank you @libellux :grinning: