I can't scan anything

I have a issue. I am using GVM on kali linux virtual box, and I have fully updated but i cannot scan anything.Please help

Hello @nguyenson,

There is a problem with your configurations perhaps, just look this video OpenVas scan issues and also you can go to this website to see full configurations OpenVas Scan configs



Greetings @vudududu,

I hope you are well. Thank you for your warning, however can you please tell me on what basis you tell me not to promote something here on the forum? Can you show me where this is written in the Guideline or Terms of Service of the Greenbone forum? I don’t want to go against the rules set forth by the Greenbone team, I have read the guidelies and Terms of Service and find nothing to support your comment, however the content I shared is about the Greenbone team’s tools. Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to argue I just want to be clear and make sure I am acting according to the rules established on the Forum. Thank you in advance

Hi. @Itcracker I am saying that you are annoying and doing shame to opensource and in my opinion. What you have written is an ad and is misleading people. This may or may not cause bad reputation to this community. Because of this activity you in my opinion should not be trusted to provide any service.