How to migrate and test custom Nessus scripts?


while VTs in OpenVAS/GVM still have the .nasl file ending there is absolutely no guarantee that you can use OpenVAS/GVM as a drop in replacement for Nessus and just run the script “as is”. While basic NASL functionality might be still compatible both projects drifted away from each other quite fast and don’t have that much in common anymore.

To keep the focus on the migration (which might require some work from your side) i have split your question from the original thread.

As a first step you could have a look at the template.nasl attached at VT Development to see how .nasl files are build up in OpenVAS/GVM. Additionally a search for some existing .nasl files doing similar than yours on your local plugins folder (described in the linked thread as well) might provide some more insights as well.

Once the “scripts” are ready for OpenVAS/GVM you could:

  1. have a look at the example command line calls provided in Understanding testing of nasl scripts and ask specific questions once they are showing up during your tests

  2. crate a new thread on how to “install” scripts and choose them for a scan in

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