GVM-9 anticipated end of life timeframe?

Hello all,

Was just wondering if GVM-9 has an expected EOL timeframe, and when GVM-10 is expected to be stable?

This exists explicit for the Greenbone Appliances, i guess as soon GVM-10 is stable, GVM-9 will be EoL some day in 2020. If you look OpenVAS 7 was EoL in 2016, OpenVAS 8 was EoL 2018 so it will be in 2020.

For Greenbone Product please check here:



with changing to time-based releases we are going to release new versions of GVM more often then before. Therefore the changes introduced in a new GVM version will be smaller and the maintenance time frame for older GVM version will be shorter in future. The full new process description can be found at

With every new GOS version a new GVM version will also be released. GOS 4 is based on OpenVAS/GVM 9. GOS 5 using GVM 10 is expected at the end of April.

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