GSM Trial Not finding Known Vulnerabilities Metasploitable

Hi GSA support community,

I am using the GOS (Trial) 21.04.2 on Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.22.

To see baseline results, I tested the scanner on a Metasploitable 2 machine (linux). I used the default admin credentials first, then I made a new user with admin credentials and found the same results for each.

There were no Mid or High severity level vulnerabilities. Only TCP timestamps low vulnerability was found, (and a few log-level vulnerabilities).

I was expecting to find many more vulnerabilities, at least some of which would be Mid or High level. I have seen more severe results of a Metasploitable 2 scan previously from other greenbone users.

All feeds are currently up to date, and there are results in all 6 categories of the SecInfo dropdown.

Can somebody please tell me how to get more accurate scan results?

Thank you!

Hello GratefulAna, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

A full vulnerability scan of a Metasploitable 2 should indeed show a large number of vulnerabilities. I was not able to reproduce this problem on my GSM TRIAL 21.04.2 however, so we will have to investigate this step by step.

First, to check for some basic things:

Which scan config did you use? For a vulnerability scan, “Full and fast” should be used. The discovery configs just gather basic information about a system.

Which port list did you use? “All IANA assigned TCP” is recommended for starters. Other port lists may not include the ports required for some essential vulnerability tests.


Thank you for your response, Martin.

I am using Full and Fast. I have tried the ports lists “All IANA assigned TCP” and the “All IANA assigned TCP and UDP”.

More info:
Alive Test: Consider Alive (was not able to find machine using “Scan Config Default”)
Scan Type: OpenVAS Default

If this is required then the source of this problem should be an insufficient (virtual) network setup (e.g. the VM running the GSM Trial isn’t able to reach the Metasploitable 2 VM, …).

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Has anyone found out the solution yet ?

Thank you! With the same configuration set up on two virtual machines next to one another, the Scan Config Default worked. It was only a networking problem