GSM TRIAL 20.08 for VMWare

Is there an VM available for the Virtual GCE appliance version 20.08 that works with VMWare. I was only seeing the Oracle VirtualBox version. I would like to be able to load the new version on my vmware infrastructure.

AFAIK for VMWare the same like stated for Hyper-V here applies as well:

especially this one:

I see this:
Prerequisites and Introduction

  • Download the latest GSM TRIAL image here
  • Compatibility: Oracle VirtualBox version 6.1 or higher
  • Minimum requirements: 2 CPUs, 5 GB RAM

When I tried to install the .iso on VMWare I got errors that it would not read the iso image.

The GSM TRIAL 20.08.4 does run on VMware products. However, we currently offer no installation instructions, and any help we may offer in this community forum will be limited.

Your problem is probably due to not having EFI firmware configured in the virtual machine’s boot options. EFI is required to boot the GSM TRIAL 20.08. For example, please see the VMware Workstation documentation for more info. If you are using another VMware product, please see the according documentation.


I was getting errors also. “F: configuring hellper cdebootstrap-helper-apt”

I saw that the current time was February 2012. I entered shell and changed to the current date and the install finished.