GSE 20.08 Web timeout

What is the configuration file in GSE 20.08 to change the default timeout for the web console? Thanks

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Can you give us some more information about your question?
You want to change the time you stay logged in, before you get logged out?

If yes, there are some threads already. E.g. here or in the User Manual here

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Yes, Thanks.

Issue is:

  • I can’t find any documentation on how to call the setup wizard from shell. Logging in as ‘admin’ doesn’t launch it.
  • There is no greenbone-security-assistant.service configuration file on 20.08

Am I missing something? Thanks a lot for your help!

The way the web timeout (Passing --timeout to the startup of gsad) hasn’t changed in GVM-20.08 so i’m closing this topic as a duplicate of Client Web Portal Timeout.

Nevertheless a few notes / hints:

  • greenbone-security-assistant.service isn’t a file shipped in the sourced provided by Greenbone so this might be something specific to your used 3rdparty packages
  • As mentioned in Client Web Portal Timeout this parameter needs to be passed to the script which is starting the gsad daemon. This really depends on the used packages / distribution and asking the package maintainer of the used packages or checking the documentation might give additional information.
  • Please follow up with further questions on Client Web Portal Timeout to keep the information at one single place

Thanks for your understanding that this topic is closed as a duplicate to avoid keeping the information spread across multiple topics.