GSA - does not let me save scan actions on imported scan

Hi all,

I’m looking to replicate the compliance scans from the IT-Grundschutz series, listed in the manual (specifically the chapter 11.2.1. IT-Grundschutz).

However, apart from returning zero results, I have found that it does not let me save changes the recommended changes to the configuration; it keeps defaulting the options back to “No”. See below.

I am able to save which types of scans to use, but not the options within them. (I have been able to add all three options correctly). See below.

The imported .xml was imported with read/write permissions.

Any suggestions why it won’t save my scan options?

Compiled from GitHub source today, on Ubuntu 18.04.

Please note that the github master branches are development versions not officially released and where all the development is happening. Such versions might show unexpected behavior or could even break/be in a temporary unusable state at any time.

For productive use it is strongly suggested to stay with the official announced source code releases in About the Source Edition (GSE) category.

If you want to contribute to the development of those you probably need to dig into such issues on your own and could consider to contribute at the issue trackers of github:

Ok, so looks like I misread the „About“ document; perhaps the mention of the github repositories needs to have a disclaimer that master is not actually the latest stable build and is in fact beta/alpha?

Perhaps its just me; our internal code releases always use Master as the latest stable release (so you cant install a beta/alpha by accident). :slight_smile:

In terms of downgrading from GSA 9.0a to 7.0 - any „gotchas“ to be aware of? Just install right over the top?

It seems this this depends on the development process of each project. But every project i’m using from github (this are quite a lot) have the “master” branch as the development branch defined. It is very very uncommon to use the master branch as the stable one, especially at github.

Additionally all component versions have the “alpha/beta” suffix so IMHO its clear that those are no stable releases.

A downgrade is AFAIK not possible (at least not for the gvmd database) so you might need to start from scratch with a stable release.

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If this doesn’t work for you with GVM-10 (beta) please let us know.

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