Greenbone-nvt-sync -rsync not working


I updated greenbone-nvt-sync scripts for new url. But i just running greenbone-nvt-sync -rsync and output is try connect to old url. Why happen this?

Script output:

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See the following post for an explanation:

i removed that lines but error invalid host name.

Sorry, write wrong url :slight_smile: replace and solved :smiley:

As previously written please note that you don’t need to manually modify greenbone-nvt-sync if you’re using a recent version of GVM like 20.08.x.

If you still need to modify the greenbone-nvt-sync you have an outdated version of that script somewhere on your system which wasn’t replaced during the update of GVM. This also means that you don’t get any further updates for that script if it gets updated in further versions of GVM.

I’m still strongly recommending to clean up your system from leftovers of older GVM installations as further issues might occur from such remnants.