Greenbone-nvt-sync - Connection refused

I’m new here and maybe this will be a duplicated post but I’ve seen all posts and did not find any solution.
Just setup a Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS with OpenVAS9, and all feeds are not working for all commands:
I get this error as below
root@openvas:~# greenbone-nvt-sync
–2020-09-30 14:24:40--
Resolving dl. greenbone. net (dl. greenbone. net)…, 2a01:130:2000:127::d1
Connecting to dl. greenbone. net (dl. greenbone. net)||:80… failed: Connection refused.
Why IPv4 is refused, my server has public IP directly on NIC and there is no firewall on NAT before, just routing to Internet.

Hello ilirdaka,

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You are using an outdated and unsupported version of our software. It may be possible that the feed is incompatible with the version you are using. Please update at least to GVM 11 or even better GVM 20.08 (stable, initial release 2020-08-12)

Please read the following:

If you have further questions feel free to ask


Thank you for suggestion!