Error 503 on GCE

Please note the following when running commands like openvasmd as root:

I know about that but nothing was destroyed. All works fine. I just rebuild the NVTs once. Permissions are ok.
What’s really interesting for me is. When you install the VM in VirtualBox all works fine out of the box. In VMWare i have problems with different versions of gsm-ce. Does anybody know why?

PS: waiting for hours and days after the NVT Sync doesn’t solve the problem for me.

It can be your virtual network, NAT, other Hypervisor Issues, we ONLY test the Community Edition with VirtualBox, all other Hypervisor might work, but they are not official supported. For ESXi with Support Greenbone does have commercial Products like the GSM 150V to offer.

thank you. i can say that’s not a virtual network issue. it must be any other Hypervisor Issue. However. I have a working solution now. Maybe i will buy the commercial Product next year.