Discussion at itsol.biz about 503 error

I ran into this when trying to resume a stopped scan:

Status code: 503
Status message: Service temporarily down

I googled it and found this discussion at itsol.biz: https://itsol.biz/openvas-status-code-503-status-message-service-temporarily/#comment-144329

They havent approved my comments yet, so I will add them here:

My OpenVAS is on Parrotsec. When I try the above I get:

openvas-mkcert -f
bash: openvas-mkcert: command not found

for step 3

and then I said:

I found this stuff, so will try:

─╼ $openvas-manage-certs
/usr/bin/openvas-manage-certs [OPTION] – Manage certificate infrastructure for an OpenVAS installation

-h Print help
-a Automatically set up default infrastructure for OpenVAS
-V Verify existing OpenVAS certificate infrastructure
-C Create a certificate authority (CA)
-I Install a CA certificate
-R Create a certificate request for a CA
-r Create a certificate request
-c Create a certificate request and sign it
-i Install a certificate
-S Sign a certificate request
-f Force overwriting of existing files

Certificate options:
-E Create a server certificate
-L Create a client certificate
-A Skip CA generation in automatic mode

and then:

For a fully patched Parrotsec of this date:

I was able to get my scan going again. I was trying to resume a stopped scan and getting the 503 error.

I was able to carry out the above instructions with the following modifications:

For step 3 I used: openvas-manage-certs -E

For step 4 I used: openvas-manage-certs -L

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