Damaged Pdf reports

Hello Everyone

Config : Centos 7.
Openvas 8
gvm-cli 2.0.0.beta1. API version 1.0.0.beta2.

Openvas is successfull running. When reports are generated and when we download report in xml format. It gets downloaded successfully.

The problem is when we select pdf format it generates pdf version of report and gets downloaded. When we open pdf it prompts Pdf is either damaged or it is not supported file.
Please help.

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when choosing the category for a topic please try to have a look at the category description for each category first:

The current used category is/was https://community.greenbone.net/c/gce (Description: About the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) VM) which is about the Greenbone Community Edition virtual machine provided by Greenbone directly. You are using packages for CentOS which aren’t provided by Greenbone therefore you are talking about the Greenbone Source Edition.

First of all you are using an old and unsupported version of OpenVAS/GVM. Current stable is GVM 10.

gvm-tools does not support this version of OpenVAS too despite it may work for many GMP commands. Additionally you should search in this forum for PDF creating issues and howto setup your distribution for this purpose. There have been several topics about this problem.


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Just for the record a few threads which might be related to the initial asked problem about PDFs being damaged / corrupted:

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Thank you for the threads @cfi I will go through them.

Which is the official way to install openvas.
At present I have installed it using atomiccorp script.

Use a GCE oder buy a Greenbone Appliance :wink:

There is no official way to install OpenVAS/GVM. We are not giving advises about which distribution or packages to use. Greenbone develops GVM as free software and sells virtual or physical appliances. Distributions are talking our source edition and create packages from it. Besides that we are providing a virtual machine derived from our products with reduced feature set for soho environments named Greenbone Community Edition (GCE).