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I am trying to execute single NVT scripts on my freshly compiled gvm-10 environment (versions below),
in particular OID: (SCM files accessable) . For testing I set up a system with an accessable .git folder. Starting a “Full and Fast” scan the vulnerability is found. If I create a new empty scan profile using only the SCM NVT the scan finishes but nothing is found. Then I tried activating the “product detection” and “service detection” families because I thought the SCM nvt might depend on them, but the scan keeps getting stuck at 1% even though the openvassd log says: “finished testing xxxxx”.
Am I missing something?
Appreciate your help!


GVM versions

gsa: 8.0.2
gvm: 8.0.2
openvas-scanner: 6.0.2
gvm-libs: v10.0.2


Operating system: debian 10
Kernel: 5.4.0-39-generic
Installation method / source: source from git repo

NVT dependencies are really complicated. You need at least an Alive Test, a Port Scan, and maybe some further application detection NVTs. I’d suggest to take the System Discovery config and try adding the SCM NVT to this.
If this still doesn’t work, I think you’ll need to check the code of the NVT to figure out if it needs some additional NVTs to be triggered. This goes beyond my level of understanding the dependencies.

Another way to do more specific scans is to keep using F&F, but to limit the Port-List to the ports that you expect to find the vulnerability on (plus ssh and other ports needed for communicating with the host).

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Also see the following topic about self / custom scan profiles:

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Thank you very much. It works!

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