Community Feed URL Consolidation

Currently our synchronization routines for the Greenbone Community Feed (GCF) use two URLs for RSYNC: and We are in the process to unify all sync scripts to only use the latter and shut down the URL and its RSYNC service.

The service at was moved to a much stronger network connection to cope with the growing number of sync calls from the community. Another reason is to avoid confusion about who is responsible for providing and delivering the GCF. It is the company Greenbone Networks.

The RSYNC service will be shut down September 30th 2020.

In case you use Greenbone Security Manager (GSM)

The commercial appliances are not affected.

In case you use Greenbone Community Edition (GCE)

After the deadline named above, any GCE older than 6.0.7 will not be able to update the feed anymore. We highly recommend that you switch to version 6.0.7 or newer.

In case you use Greenbone Source Edition (GSE)

By this date you need to update your GSE setup either with latest releases (GVM 11: openvas 7.0.1 and gvmd 9.0.1; GVM 10: openvas-scanner 6.0.2 and gvmd 8.0.2) or by simply patching the new URL into the sync routines greenbone-nvt-sync, greenbone-scap-sync and greenbone-cert-sync like this:

In case you are behind a strict firewall

In case you have configured your firewall to allow connections to the feed service, you might need to adjust it as well. The IP address of new service will change as well: 2a0e:6b40:20:106:20c:29ff:fe67:cbb5 or


We have reached 25% of all syncs to use the new URL already! Thanks a lot to all who applied the switch for their setup or who installed the latest GCE.

There are 3 months to go before we shut down the old URL September 30th 2020.


We are seeing no further transitions from old server to new server Since the server will simply not be available beyond September 30th, we decided the following steps to make all users of the deprecated server aware of the situation:

  • On September 1st 2020 we stop updating the Greenbone Community Feed as served via

  • On the same day we add a VT that alerts for any scanned host a highest severity and it will inform about the options to either change the server name for the Greenbone Community Feed or to go with a professional Greenbone product.


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