Check setup gives warnings about nvt certificates and initial nvt cache

I’m getting 2 warnings from check setup. The first says I haven’t enabled certificates to be checked for nvt’s. The suggested webpage referenced could not be reached. I would like to know how to enable this.
the second says an intitial nvt cache hasn’t been created. I have been updating the nvt’s before each use. The suggestion is to run openvas-start for the first time. I have been using openvas and I cannot recreate a first-time use. I don’t what this means and how much these things would affect the openvas performance. Please help if you can.
Otherwise, the check setup is ok and says my setup should work.

I moved your topic to GSE category because it seems like you are using either a third-party integration or a self-made version. Note that the third party should be your first contact for setup problems/questions.

If understand your questions right, your are interested in signature checking: