Cannot get community feed on version os 5.0.10 even on port 443

The system is up and running but I keep getting a message that it cannot get the community feed.
I changed the port to 443 and there is still a failure.
our port 443 is wide open so just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Correct me if im wrong… But i think the Port 443 is not for the community feed, you can try to look in the firewall log during try to get the community feed, to get the community feed you have to allow the port 873 i think


You are probably right but I didn’t see anything in the documentation for this.
Thank you for the reply

All documented here, so far closing this topic it is duplicate. Please search first before open such a post.

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Thank you very much.
I did search but obviously I did not find it.
Thank you very much for the feedback and explanation.