Cannot found vulnerabilities while scan on metasploitable server

now i just started learning about penetration testing, unfortunately now i am facing a problem, i just installed GVM / OpenVas version 21.4.1 on a vm with kali linux 2020.4 installed, and in the other vm i have metasploitable2 installed both vm network are set with bridged, so they can ping each other because they are on the same network.

But unfortunately everytime i perform scan with the task wizard which config with this configuration :

  • Alive Test : Scan Config Default
  • Port List : All IANA assigned TCP or ALL TCP and NMAP 100 UDP the result came back with no
  • Scan Config : Full and Fast

there are no vulnerabilities found, but it should be showing of lot of vulnerabilities because it’s metasploitable. Nmap work perfectly but GVM/OpenVAS cannot found any vulnerability.

Can please anyone help me? Here is images of the scan result and targets info :

i found this similar problem here : GVM only showing logs not vulnerabilities of Metasploitable

and some said they already got the solution here :

but i don’t know is this the right solution or not, because i am really new to this ( penetration testing and web security, even kali and gvm also new for me )…

Please if anyone can help me here… thanks anyway, regards

Those two posts could help as they have more detailed steps explained: