Are you using AWS and having trouble connecting? Look here

Hi everybody! :slight_smile:

If you are using AWS and having a hard time connecting to us- see this in the announcements: Massive dDoS from AWS

but we still don’t want to you miss out :wink: so you might be able to work around it by changing your DNS. We need your help with this though. If you are affected please post in this thread and let us know which region you are trying to connect to us from. If the thread moves along official Greenbone staff can be identified by a badge with the user name. This thread also is for this topic only- anything else should be posted to their normal categories and will be moved/deleted.

So, are you using AWS and also having trouble connecting to feed(dot)community(dot)greenbone(dot)net? Let us know here and thanks!

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Very glad to see that it didn’t seem to affect a lot of people. :slight_smile: It’s been resolved and there’s an update here Massive dDoS from AWS - #6 by Lukas

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread, will re-open it if needed.

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