Adding a /16 network as a Target


We would like to be able to add a /16 network as a target. As you know, by default only 4095 hosts are allowed per target.
We tried using the openvasmd --max-ips-per-target=65000 command but it didn’t work.
We also tried creating this file /etc/default/openvas-manager.extra and adding this to it EXTRA_DAEMON_ARGS="--max-ips-per-target=65000" but it also didn’t work.

How can we solve this? We don’t want to split the network.

Thank you.

Best regards.

This is not supported with the GCE. Most home user do no use a B network at home :wink: Select smaller portions on your network and split it into target below 4095, or think about a Greenbone Appliance.

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