About GVM11

Does gvm11 have some cmd for create tasks?

I’m new to openvas, the last version I use is openvas9. Does gvm11 have the API like OMP?
I want use API to do the work not use WEBUI.
Here is my version:

Here is the openvas9’s command that I can use to create a task

omp --xml='<create_task>
           <name>slavetest from shell</name>
           <config id="daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea"/>
           <target id="65a569aa-eac5-40eb-9e82-e8f96fbc8227"/>

And is it using REST API in new version?
Or could you give me a doc to use it?
Thanks a lot.

Hi xieyt,

of course, you can have a doc! Here’s the one for <create_task> in gmp, the Greenbone Management Protocol. It succeeds omp and is used in gvm11.


Our replacement for omp can be found here https://gvm-tools.readthedocs.io/

And could you tell me where I can get the latest GVM version? Just like my Pic’s. I want to make install for all.

You can try our own Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) Virtual Machine (see About the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) VM category) or build it by yourself (See About the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) category). I am currently not aware of a distribution shipping packages for GVM 11.

Of course you also can buy one of our products which always use the latest release.

Additionally gvm-tools - which are the replacement for the omp executable - still work with GVM/OpenVAS 9.