Ability to modify report format for Greenbone Community Edition (version 4.2.24)

Hi there, first time posting here on the Greenbone Community forum! I’ve recently installed and configured the Community Edition of Greenbone Security Manager via Hyper-V, and I’ve configured a task to run a custom vulnerability scan against a number of our targets within the corporate network. I noticed that the vulnerability names show up as OID but not the actual text. When I attempt to generate the results in report format, the OID shows up as the vulnerability name but not the name itself. If I try to search for the name “Firewall Enabled” for instance, it wouldn’t show up as a result but would have to instead search it by OID ‘’.

Is there a reason why the OID shows up? I tried running the feed upgrade and then ‘journalctl -f’ in the command shell as suggested from a previous post, but I get an error message: “Error: received handshake message out of context”.

This topic has been discussed recently in a few threads:

I had to re-run the feed update and reboot the server. The names are now showing up in place of the OIDs. I guess I had to just wait after all! Thanks for the help.

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